Common problem with exporters who have been selling very successfully to Russia for years, that on certain points they still encounter problems. Examples are; subsequent deliveries for turnkey projects or warranty components. This is because the customs law in Russia has restrictions on foreign companies; only Russian legal entities can make payments of duities and taxes to the customs.

In the case of contractual obligations of backorders & warranty components, the exporter must take care of the transport, customs clearance, payment of import duties and VAT, whereby the customer in Russia only wishes to receive the goods.


IMNEX offers its customers two possibilities:

  • AD HOC handling of back orders & warranty components
  • Stock build-up of your spare parts in Russia


AD HOC handling of back orders & warranty components

For each shipment; the costs for the transport, clearance and certification will be calculated. Irrespective of the dimensions and the weight of your test shipment, IMNEX will take care of the entire process.

Stock build-up of your spare parts in Russia

If your shipment is small or has a low value, the costs for customs clearance and certification in Russia can be relatively high. Often, your subsequent delivery or guarantee part must be in Russia in a very short time. The only way to reduce customs costs and shorten transit time is to keep a local stock of warranty components in Russia.

However, to accomplish that without your own entity in Russia,  is impossible.

IMNEX offers you the possibility to maintain a stock in Russia without your own entity. Our company can act as an importer of your goods in Russia. We take care of the customs handling and storage of your warranty parts in one of our warehouses in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Advantages to maintain a stock in Russia:

  • Larger volumes can be transported and cleared simultaneously, as result; lower total costs of transport and customs clearance in Russia in the long term
  • Faster delivery time


As mentioned earlier, this option is very suitable for maintaining a stock of spare parts for repairs under warranty in Russia or other urgent deliveries.

You can also, for example, keep a stock of goods for an internet store that is active in Russia.

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Whether it concerns Full Truck Loads, part shipments, conditioned or exceptional transport; IMNEX will arrange it for you.…

From storage, transshipment and order management to billing and stock management. IMNEX offers you a total concept in the field of warehousing…..

IMNEX provides entire process ex-supplier to the final customer; including transport, import and export documentation and coordination of clearance in St. Petersburg and Moscow.…

IMNEX services extend from the first meeting to the entire project management. Together with our partners we will help you from the first cautious steps on the Russian market to carrying out the large-scale projects.

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