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IMNEX transport solutions

  • Groupage shipments
  • Part loads (LTL)
  • Complete loads (FTL)
  • Urgent transports / express service

IMNEX Extra services

IMNEX only offers road transport from and to France.

We can collect goods in The Netherlands and Belgium on a daily basis. Complete loads (FTL shipments) are transported directly to their destinations in France. Groupage and partial loads (LTL shipments) are consolidated in the DC of IMNEX in Nijmegen.

Daily departure from and to France

IMNEX offers 3 to 4 times a week departure with its French groupage carriers to and from various destinations in whole France. Complete loads can be loaded daily.
For small part load pallet distribution, we work closely with a few selected partners with various depots throughout France. Your pallet shipments can therefore be delivered at destination with a loading / unloading valve. You can also contact us for all your larger pallet shipments (LTL) and complete loads (FTL).

The close cooperation with our partners makes it possible to deliver your shipments efficiently and with the shortest lead times anywhere in France.
The options for groupage, partial loads and complete loads apply both for exports to and  imports from France.
In addition to regular road transport of palletized goods, we also provide temperature controlled transport and exceptional transport to and from France.

Mandatory documents for all shipments to France

France is EU member state, so the CMR consignment note is sufficient.

IMNEX Transport from and to France

Transit time groupage shipments and partial loads (LTL):

  • North of France 48-72 hours, departure 3-4 x per week
    Express shipments within 24 hours
  • Central France 48-72 hours, departure 3-4 x per week
    Express shipments within 24 hours
  • South of France 72-96 hours, departure3-4 x per week
    Express shipments within 24 hours
    Other destinations on request


Transit time complete loads (FTL):

  • North of France 24-48 hours, daily departure
    Express shipments within 12-24 hours
  • Central France 24-48 hours, daily departures
    Express shipments within 12-24 hours
  • South of France 48-72 hours, daily departures
    Express shipments within 24 hours
  • Other destinations on request, daily departure.
  • TILT / TAUT trailers 13.6 LDM
  • Box trailers 13.6 LDM
  • Volume combinations up to 120m3
  • Reefer trailers 13.6 LDM
  • 3 t small Tilt trucks
  • 3 t small Reefer trucks
  • 5 t small Tilt trucks
  • 5 t small Reefer trucks
  • Special transport equipment
  • Pre advice day A until 3 pm – pick up day B
  • Temperature controlled transport on request
  • General cargo
  • Food and feed / HACCP goods
  • High value goods
  • Agro machinery and equipment
  • Project cargo
  • Spare parts / warranty parts
  • Semi-finished products
  • Temperature controlled transport
  • Hazardous goods

Maximum gross loading weight: 24 t, including packaging and pallet / load carrier

Of course we are able to send your goods by ‘express service’ (two drivers / changing trucks). This allows us to shorten the delivery time at each destination.

  • 1 January (New Year’s Day)
  • Good Friday
  • 1st and 2nd Easter days
  • 1 May (Labor Day)
  • 8 May (Fete de la Victoire)
  • 10 May (Ascension Day)
  • Pentecost
  • 14 June (National Holiday)
  • November 1 (All Saints)
  • 11 November (Armistice)
  • 25 and 26 December (Christmas)

Holidays without dates change every year.

In France, a driving ban applies to trucks and trailer combinations with a permissible total weight of more than 7.5 tonnes from Saturday 22.00 hours to Sunday 22.00 hours. The ban applies to the entire road network in France. And is also valid on public holidays: the day before the public holiday from 10 pm until the public holiday is 10 pm.

Truck without a trailer

A truck without a trailer usually falls into the category of vehicles with a permitted weight of more than 7.5 tonnes. The driving ban applies to trucks where the vehicle registration certificate states that the maximum laden mass is more than 7.5 tonnes.

Exceptions to the driving ban

The driving ban in France doesn’t apply to transport of:

  • Living animals.
  • Perishable goods, only if they represent at least 50% of the loading area or of the payload.
  • Harvest products.
  • Goods that are used for events in the economic, sporting, cultural, educational or political field. The condition for transporting these goods is that the event takes place the same day or the day after the driving ban.
  • Newspapers and magazines.
  • Moving goods from companies in urban areas.
  • Goods sold from the vehicle (markets and fairs).
  • Air cargo goods, which are provided with an air waybill.


Exemption for transports with urgent character
For transports of an urgent nature, there is the possibility to request an exemption. This exemption is applied for and granted at the prefecture of the department (representative of the central government) in France where the truck crosses the border or where the goods are loaded.
Source: Transport-Online

Transport from and to France

  • 3-4x per week groupage and part loads transport
  • Daily collection of Full Truck Loads
  • Temperature controlled / IMO / High-value goods transport
  • Road transport
  • Express deliveries within 24 hours ALL France


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