IMNEX customs solutions


IMNEX can customs clear your goods in the Netherlands or arrange a temporary transit through our Customs Bonded warehouse Type C in Bemmel. For a correct customs clearance or transit a number of things are required that you should pay attention to.

Trade Invoice

The invoice must contain the following details:

  • Goods description, including statistics codes (HS codes)
  • Gross and net weight; packaging type and number
  • Unit price and total price
  • Currency of the transaction
  • Country of origin and destination
  • Name and address of the importer and exporter
  • Bank details of importer and exporter
  • Terms of Delivery
  • Date of issuance


On the basis of the data from the commercial invoice, it can be further determined whether certain certificates or import licenses are required for the import or transit of your goods in the Netherlands. In addition, the amount of import duties and VAT for your goods is calculated.


Russian customs procedures are strict, the regulations have been expanded and are constantly changing. That is why specialist knowledge is important.
IMNEX has strategic partnerships with a number of logistic service providers in Moscow and in St. Petersburg and together we can offer our customers customized solutions.
IMNEX can offer the following services in the field of clearance:

  • Customs Broker Russia
  • DDP solutions
  • Trading House Russia services

Customs broker solutions Russia

Customs forwarding services are one of the activities of IMNEX.

We provide fast and high quality services regarding the import and export customs clearances in Russia, mainly in the regions St. Petersburg and Moscow.
Years of experience with the handling of customs procedures in Russia gives us the necessary tools and knowledge to quickly resolve the entire spectrum of issues related to customs clearance.
IMNEX can offer the following services:

  • Customer service for tariff provisions: fees, import duties and VAT
  • Customer service for non-tariff provisions: certificates, permits and other notifications
  • Definition of product codes
  • Advice on all aspects of customs clearance
  • Preparation of the required documentation for import or export customs declarations
  • Preparation of AWB, CMR, TIR Carnets, including electronic copies
  • Complete customs clearance for all types of goods delivered by sea, road and air
  • Customs inspection of goods


Do you have more questions about Customs Broker Service? View the Customs Broker Russia diagram or contact us.

DDP solutions Russia

DDP shipments are becoming increasingly popular in Russia, since Russian customs procedures haven’t exactly become easier over the past years. That is why more and more Russian importers choose not to import themselves and require their suppliers to provide DDP solutions.

That is why these suppliers turn to their logistic service providers for a suitable and profitable solution. IMNEX has strategic partnerships with a number of logistics service providers & Customs Agencies in Moscow and St. Petersburg and together we can offer tailor-made solutions for our customers. Read more…

Trading House services Russia

It often happens that both the supplier and the final consignee in Russia have little experience with the requirements and obligations associated with importing goods within the Russian Federation.

IMNEX offers you a solution where IMNEX RUSSIA acts as the actual importer of your goods and also takes responsibility for the customs clearance and payment of the corresponding import duties and taxes. You and the end customer are fully unburdened in this construction.

Read more…

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